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What is Psycholinguistic

Psycholinguistic is combination between language and psychology. Language called as internal structure of psycholinguistic because it is core how development of linguistic. Whereas, psychology called as external structure about human mind, tough, behavior, memory process, mental. Therefore how the language produced such as speech production.

Psycholinguistic is combination of two variable that are linguistic and psychology. Is also call conses to two factors, internal factor (linguistic) speech, word, lexical, phonology, and so on. And external factor (psychology), human behavior. Therefore in micro it discuss about the language, and the macro aspect talk about language and the connection with external factor like psychology, sociology and so on.

In psycholinguistic tried to discuss about

  1. Language perception (pemahaman bahasa)
  2. Language production 
  3. Acquisition

Type of language

  1. Verbal
  2. Non verbal 
Verbal language consist of spoken language and written language. Spoken language such as utterance, sound. Written language such as task, sentences.
Non verbal language is a language that produced without literal content such as body language, face expression, etc
Therefore, Psycholinguistic is process of language production, how to brain see the language.

Dimension of psycholinguistic

Below the “Development of processing”
Level of processing consist of
  1. Phonology
  2. Lexicon
  3. Syntax
  4. Semantic
  5. Discourse
Direction of processing 
  1. Linguistic description
  2. Psychology experiment
  3. Neurolinguistic
It is all the “Depth of processing”
Finally the purpose is to achieve “Comprehension production”

The purpose of psycholinguistic

Try to find the meaning of psycholinguistic. Psycholinguistic is language process including language production and language perception (Pemahaman bahasa).
The process how listener can understand what speaker says is process of psycholinguistic.

What is psycholinguistic

More explanation about psycholinguistic

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  • Psycholinguistic is  language activities 
  • an utterance or written depend on context. The meaning will be different in different context
  • In complete sentence is not a problem. Ambiguity meaning: It need a context to understand a certain utterance. Ex.  Red zone district means danger zone or postulate place / has some meaning depend on the circumstance. 
How if a person have bilingual language. In human brain has a certain place (cortex) to place a language, a cortex a language. 
If in human brain has a stimulus (certain perception/ comprehension) toward a language, it will make them understand what other speak because he / she has conception in their mind. Therefore it need as much as stimulus first before he / she understand what other said. If what he / she hear is to much something new it causes difficulties to understand the language / utterance.

There are two kind of language acquisition theory:

Cognitism : In this theory explain that a child / human has LAD (Language Acquisition Device). The device will produce a language.
It his theory assume that if a child / learner make a mistake because of they are not
creative in produce language / lack of language perception. If the leaner has stimulus firs in their mind. They will be easily understand utterance.

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Behaviorism : A child / human will acquire language because of they has environment who speak a certain language. The child will imitate what other speaks and finally the child will acquire the language. Therefore based on the theory it need a lot of people around the kind to help the child acquire faster and much.

In behaviorism also called: Tabularasa or plain paper (kertas kosong) a child like plain paper. They will acquire the language depend on how their parent or environment write it. 

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Relation language and human thought

Language is a part of human life because each aspect of human involved language there are some opinion the relation between human and language.  Sapir Whorf stated language create human thought, language’s human determine human thought, human can’t live without language and human live under language (language first -> human thought). Other theory language become part of human live to survive (Piaget) (thought -> survive -> language). 

There are no relation between language and thought, human have their self language, language just culture expression us a part of society (Chomsky). 

Bruner language just instrument to necessity human live. 

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