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Gender, Politeness, Stereotype of Women Language

Dalam berbahasa pria dan wanita memiliki perbedaan dalam berbahasa. Wanita diasumsikan memiliki cara berbahasa berbeda, bebicara lebih sopan, memiliki sejumah fitur, parameter of politeness, sexist language, dan lain – lain. 
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1. Stereotype about woman

  • Speech differently with men
  • Polite than man
  • Using more standard language

2. Women a man speech differently 

Base an linguistic feature such as phonology, morphology, and diction(self vocabulary)

3. Women more polite than man

Politeness is consideration of social factor (social distante in term of solidarity or formality). Whereas, woman using linguistic behavior are as follows
  • Subordinate group must be polite, women and child
  • The influence of the interviewer and context
  • Women categories: lower status than men
  • Vernacular form express machine, it is masculine and feminine
  • Women’s role as guardian of society value serve child
  • Social status: lower in society
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4. Lakoffs linguistic feature of women speech

  1. Lexical hedges or fillers, ex: you know, well, see you
  2. Tag question, ex: isn’t he
  3. Rising intonation on declaratives, ex: it’s really good
  4. Empty adjectives (divine, charming, cute)
  5. Precise colour term (magenta, aqua marine)
  6. Intensifiers such as just and so, ex: I like him so much
  7. Hypercorrect grammar, ex: standard form of verb
  8. Super polite forms, ex: indirect request
  9. Avoidance of strong swear words, ex: fudge, my goodness
  10. Emphatic stress: it was brilliant perform.

5. Parameter dalam politeness

  1. Impose (paksaan): it contant impose in utterance it consider impolite.
  2. Give option: in request give option of request
  3. Friendly

6. Sexist language

Apakah bahasa cenderung kepada laki-laki atau perempuan
  • Police: police officer
  • Farmer and wife: farmer couple
  • Waiter (kata dasar): waiters
  • Masih menjadi pertanyaan mengapa kata dasarnya cowok.

7. Gossip

Social to affirm solidarity and expressing solidarity and maintaining social relationship different between man and women just on topic, sport, politic man, and social relation, love are women.

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