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Free Morpheme and Bound Morpheme


Morpheme is the smallest meaningful unit of morphology. There are 2 types of morpheme they are free morpheme and bound morpheme. 

Free morpheme (bebas)

Free morpheme is the roots which are capable standing by itself. Ex: smart, sing, pen, make 
  • Lexical morpheme (content words/ open class words): carry the content of word include: noun, verbs, adjective, adverb. Ex: beauty, play, sing 
  • Functional morpheme (function words): include Pronoun, article, conjunction, preposition. Ex: and, from, in, or, etc.

Bound morpheme (terikat)

Bound morpheme is the roots which are cannot stand by themselves.
  • Derivation morpheme: change either the meaning and word class of root into which they are attached. Ex: develop – development : V – N; dan tambahan lain yang merubah kelas kata: re, ment, ly, ing, 
  • Inflexional morpheme : don’t change the class of words adn meaning of roots into word they are attacted. Ex: book – books; dan tambahan lain yang tidak merubah kelas kata: s, es, est, ed,

Bound morpheme – affixations

  • Prefix – an affix attached to the front of a base. Ex: re – play = replay 
  • Suffix – an affix attached to the end of a base. Ex: kind- ness kindness 
  • Infix – an affix that is occurs within a base
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