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Avram Noam Chomsky and His Cognitive Development Theory

By | Februari 9, 2017

Introduction Cognition is the act of recognizing or of having knowledge. Thus, cognitive development theory explores the mental processes used in “the formation of all internal processes such as perception, intuition, and reasoning” (, 2012). Although basic cognitive theory can be traced back to seventeenth century philosopher Rene Descartes, cognitive theory development as we know… Read More »

A History Of Psycholinguistics

By | Januari 12, 2017

The progression of modern psycholinguistics can be traced in four major periods: the Formative Period, the Linguistic Period, the Cognitive Period, and the current Cognitive Science Period. In the Formative Period, both linguistics and psychology were committed to an operationalist philosophy which derived theoretical constructs from observable data by using a set of highly explicit… Read More »

Providing Input for Acquisition

By | Desember 17, 2016

Providing input related to “input hypothesis” especially on role and potential input on second language classroom. Input hypothesis stated that to acquire language, a child/ acquirer need certain input can be understood / understanding input called “language perception” in installment manner. In acquiring L2 means they are develop their language (i+1). Language input means acquiring… Read More »

The Study of Language

By | Desember 15, 2016

Language is an essential part of what it means to be human, and it is partly what sets us apart from other animals. Crystal (1997) lists eight functions of language, those were: 1) to communicate; 2) to express emotion (swearing); 3) for social interaction (saying ‘bless you!’ when someone sneezes); 4) to make use of… Read More »