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The Importance of Including Culture in EFL Teaching

By | April 4, 2017

Abstract Language and culture are two inseparable entities. Therefore, language learning is at once a cultural learning. One‟s mastery of the linguistic elements alone does not guarantee he will be able to communicate through a language. Mastering the cultural element is a must. This paper discusses various research findings and opinions on the integration of… Read More »

Language Learning Strategies: An Holistic View

By | Maret 12, 2017

Carol Griffiths Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey Gökhan Cansiz Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey Abstract The language learning strategy question has been debated on a number of levels, including definition, the strategy/success relationship and strategy coordination. In addition, awareness has been steadily growing of the importance of taking an holistic view of the strategy phenomenon… Read More »

Teaching A Foreign Language And Foreign Culture To Young Learners

By | Februari 25, 2017

Dr. Selma Deneme Assistant Professor Trakya University, ELT Division, Edirne-TURKEY E-mail: Selen Ada, MA Trakya University, ELT Division, Edirne-TURKEY E-mail: Kutay Uzun,MA Candidate Trakya University, ELT Division, Edirne-TURKEY E-mail: Abstract The study focuses on the teaching of foreign culture (mostly English) to young learners in Turkey. After reviewing the relevant literature, the… Read More »